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Ready to spruce up your workplace with a fresh coat of paint? We have the necessary tools, machinery, and workforce to handle it. Whether it is a modest painting job for your home or a large-scale painting project for your business, if you need professional painters, Cunningham Painting is ready to transform your space.

About Cunningham Painting Contractors:

As fully certified and accredited painting contractors, we have dealt with homeowners, companies, insurance agencies and many others from Mandurah to Bunbury. We take pleasure in providing consistently excellent service and results. " If you're going to do the job, do it correctly." — that's our mantra. Whether it's for a home, a business, or an industry, Cunningham Painting Contractors can completely remodel it with meticulous attention to detail.

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Our Work

Part of running a successful business entails maintaining an attractive workplace. Not only does this motivate employees to be productive, but it also attracts customers. That said, what better way to improve the appearance of a workspace than through paint? If you’re looking for the best industrial painter in Bunbury, look no further. Cunningham Painting Contractors got you covered.

What We do

  • Interior Paint Services for Industrial Buildings

The inside of an industrial building is very important, as it determines the mood of the occupants. As such, paintwork should aim at boosting the mood of employees to be more productive. More importantly, it should suit the various activities that take place inside the building. For example, our experts are keen to note that different spaces such as offices, warehouses, and factories require different paints.

  • Exterior Paint Services for Industrial Buildings

While most people concentrate on painting the interiors of an industrial building, the exterior is important as well. This is because it speaks volumes about the company in general. That said, it is critical to get a professional who can do exterior painting, preferably using your firm’s brand colours.

How We Do - The Process of Industrial Painting Service

  • Step One- First Meeting

Once you contact us, we set up a first-time meeting with you. The goal is to know exactly what your needs and preferences are. That way, we can strategize on what services to offer you.

  • Step Two-Site Visit

After the first meeting, we will make a site visit to your residence. Our experts take measurements and photos to guide us on how much paint is needed. They also analyse the different spaces and note down the kinds of paints needed for each.

  • Step Three- Cleaning and Painting

Once all the details have been agreed upon, the paintwork begins. Our painters first clean the surfaces before painting to ensure high-quality work. Time is then allocated to make sure the building dries up completely.

  • Step Four- Final Touches

After the paint dries, clients often request additional services. This may include paint decorations, drawings and writings. Fortunately, our painters are highly skilled to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Why Do You Need An Industrial Painter? - The Benefits

  • Highly Skilled

Many people do not know that industrial paintwork is not similar to residential paintwork. This is because industrial buildings may be used for many purposes, most of which require special kinds of paint. Luckily, our industrial painters are thoroughly trained for the job. They make sure your industrial space is not only appealing but safe for industrial use as well.

  • Safety is Guaranteed

Since the painters have the right equipment, skills and protective gear, the whole process is done safely. That way, you will not deal with legal suits when painters get injured during work.

  • Access to Full Services

Working with a professional painter means that you get access to all their services. That way, you will not have to hire different people for different parts of the job. This is helpful as it encourages accountability and high-quality services.

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